Oleoresins and Essential Oils

Oleoresins and Essential Oils, integral to our Food Ingredients, bring rich and complex flavours. Whether warm cumin or tangy lemon, they enhance both traditional and innovative culinary creations, reflecting our commitment to delivering premium enhancements to the world of food.

Key Ingredients

Superior Extraction Methods

Our CO2 extraction process elevates food and beverage creations through several key benefits. This innovative method ensures unmatched purity and preserves delicate compounds, resulting in cleaner and more concentrated extracts. Furthermore, precise temperature and pressure control guarantees consistent results with optimal potency and flavour profiles.


We specialize in sourcing high-quality raw materials, employing advanced extraction technologies, and leveraging research expertise to produce high-quality Oleoresins and essential oils.

Extensive Sourcing Network

With a vast network spanning multiple countries, Plant Lipids has established robust relationships with farmers and suppliers worldwide. This extensive network ensures a consistent and high-quality supply of raw materials to produce Oleoresins and essential oils.

Advanced Extraction Technologies

Plant Lipids utilizes state-of-the-art extraction technologies, including Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SCFE) and steam distillation, to extract essential oils and Oleoresins from natural sources. These advanced techniques ensure maximum yield, purity, and retention of bioactive compounds, resulting in superior-quality products.

Research and Development Expertise

The company's dedicated Research and Development team continually innovates and optimizes extraction processes to enhance product quality and performance. Leveraging their expertise, Plant Lipids develops customized solutions tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of customers in various industries.


Our products are safe and certified

Latest News

We are actively involved in major events and cutting-edge research initiatives. Explore the latest developments, significant advancements, and key milestones in Plant Lipids’ journey.

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