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Our advanced infrastructure combines cutting-edge machinery with the latest technology, driven by our dynamic Research and Development team. Together, they transform raw materials into innovative products, showcasing our commitment to excellence.

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Advanced, Evolving Capability

Since our establishment, the company has mastered the skill of transforming raw materials into a diverse array of products, including Oleoresins & Essential Oils, Whole/Ground/Crushed Spices, Food Ingredients, Wellness Ingredients, Encapsulated Products, Natural Food Colours, Liquid blends, Spice blends and more.

Our extensive storage facilities, featuring specialized conditions like cold storage for specific products, ensure optimal handling and preservation of both raw materials and finished goods, affirming our dedication to delivering excellence.

At the core of our operations is a rigorous commitment to quality, upheld by stringent testing and control measures, complemented by a drive for innovation, as seen in our move from manual to automated systems. Our customer engagement is characterized by a tailored, highvalue service ethos. We prioritize safety through regular, comprehensive audits and proactive engineering strategies.

By strategically locating our manufacturing hubs near the fields, we minimize travel time and costs, ensuring fresher ingredients and efficient production. This allows us to deliver high-quality products at competitive prices, passing on the benefits to our clients.

At Plant Lipids, we process a variety of value-added ingredients to meet the needs of different industries. From oleoresins and ground spices to natural colours, fragrance ingredients, and wellness components, our range caters to diverse client requirements worldwide.

At Plant Lipids, we employ cutting-edge extraction techniques such as SCFE and spinning cone columns, enabling us to extract ingredients efficiently. These advanced methods help us control costs and streamline processes, ensuring our responsiveness in a rapidly evolving industry. We continuously embrace technology, with a focus on automation and leveraging the latest advancements to fulfill our vision and mission.

At the production level, we prioritize sustainability through innovative practices such as utilizing biomass byproducts from spice extraction as boiler fuel, reducing waste, and promoting resource efficiency. Our low-loss solvent recovery process ensures minimal environmental impact, while water recycling through UF (Ultrafiltration) & RO (Reverse Osmosis) systems conserves valuable resources. Additionally, rainwater harvesting, and well recharging systems further reinforce our commitment to sustainable operations. 

At the heart of our operations, safety is not just a protocol but a deeply ingrained culture. We surpass standard regulations, creating an environment where the safety and well-being of every employee are paramount. Our daily routine involves meticulous hazard analysis to prevent accidents, ensuring a consistently secure workplace for all. Your safety is our priority.

Kochi (Global Hub)

Plant Lipids

Our facility in Kochi stands as the nucleus of our global operations and serves as our international headquarters. We prioritize sustainability by using steam for various production processes, including essential oil extraction, supported by bio-waste for steam generation. This commitment reflects our core values, as we strive to create outstanding products for diverse industries. Our Kochi hub isn’t just a site; it’s where advanced technology and a dedicated team drive innovation and maintain quality across our global ventures.

Our Oleoresin division encompasses numerous units with a wide array of customization options. These units include Continuous Extraction Plants, Batch Extraction Plants, and Batch Distillation Plants, serving various requirements. Additional units in Bangalore, Shiggaon, Hyderabad, Khammam, and Sri Lanka contribute to our extensive production capabilities. This strategic placement ensures quality and consistency in our Oleoresin and Essential Oil products across multiple locations.

Our Ground Spices Division operates in Kochi (Kerala), Hyderabad (Telangana) in India and Vietnam. The Kochi facility processes Cumin, Turmeric, Pepper, Ginger, and a wide variety of other minor spices. The Hyderabad facility specializes in red pepper operations. The Vietnam facility processes Black & White Pepper, Turmeric, and Cinnamon Cassia. Each facility features its own warehouses, cleaning, production, sterilization, and packing operations. Red Pepper is stored in our cold storage, while we maintain separate warehousing for raw materials and finished products.

Our facility for Fragrance Ingredients Division embodies innovation and specialization, featuring a dedicated Absolute Plant. Through a combination of Steam Distillation and Solvent Extraction techniques, we ensure the purity and quality of our products. The addition of a new laboratory and development centre marks a significant milestone, paving the way for pioneering growth and advancement in our field.

Our Speciality Naturals (SCFE) Division consists of multiple plants: a Pilot Plant for process optimization, Plants for commercial essential oil production and herb/spice extraction, and Plants for large-scale operations. Designed with high pressures and co-solvent facilities, we ensure quality and versatility in our product range.

Within our Wellness Ingredients Division, we’ve developed a comprehensive infrastructure to drive innovation and excellence. This includes cutting-edge research facilities with scalable pilot production units and world-class laboratories. Our effective blending process, state-of-the-art spray drying facility, stringent quality checks, and top-notch storage ensure quality and versatility in our product range.

In our Taste Solutions division, we uphold substantial monthly and annual production capacities to meet market demands effectively. Our facility is equipped with multiple blenders, allowing us to handle a variety of batch sizes. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of packing options, ensuring flexibility to accommodate diverse client needs.

Our Natural Food Colour facilities feature specialized Product Development teams and a fully equipped pilot plant for research and development. Our production capabilities include continuous plants for Curcumin and Paprika extraction, alongside an SCFE extraction unit and a Spray drying Unit. These facilities underscore our commitment to delivering high-quality and innovative natural food colours.


Plant Lipids

Our units operate in two locations in Karnataka: one near Hubli in North Karnataka and the other near Bangalore City in South Karnataka. In Hubli, our factory in Shiggaon partners with over 7000 local farmers to procure fresh produce, including Marigold, Chilli, Turmeric, Ginger, and Rosemary. Our operations here involve the extraction of essential oils and oleoresins from various crops.

In Bangalore, our factory in Doddaballapur, spanning 7.5 acres, was established in 1999. Initially focusing on distilling Davana herb, we expanded to include Chilli, Turmeric, and other essential oils extraction. Over the years, our capabilities have grown to include continuous extraction systems and spray drying units, producing a diverse range of products like Non-Dairy Cream and Lutein Crystals for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.


Plant Lipids

Our skilled team drives operations in India’s leading chilli production hub. Equipped with continuous extraction plants, our facility processes various chilli varieties at any given time. Through rigorous research and development, we offer a diverse range of capsaicin products with unmatched quality. Our advanced ground spices facility, including steam sterilization, expands our chilli product line. Additionally, onsite cold storage facilities complement our comprehensive manufacturing setup.


Plant Lipids

Strategically situated near major high-pungent chilli growing areas like Guntur, Khammam, Mahabubabad, and Warangal, we have direct access to select farms for hand-picking the finest high-pungent chilli varieties. Our state-of-the-art high-volume manufacturing facility, along with substantial warehousing and storage capacity, enables efficient processing at high standards of quality. With high-volume downstream capacities, we offer a wide range of capsaicin and colour products, meeting the industry’s high demand.

Plant Lipids Lanka (P) Limited is the largest facility for the manufacture of oleoresin black pepper in the world


Plant Lipids

Our Natural Food Colours UK division operates from a spacious facility equipped with ample pallet racking spaces, storage units, and a liquid blending production capacity, ensuring efficiency and reliability. Additionally, our premises include offices for personnel, an NPD laboratory, and a QC laboratory, reflecting our dedication to innovation and quality assurance in the industry.


Plant Lipids

In Germany, our operations encompass the distribution and blending of Oleoresin and Essential Oils, meeting the unique needs of our clientele. Additionally, we engage in the organic spice trade, which involves both trading activities and collaboration with toll processors. Through this partnership, we transform materials into various forms such as flaking, cutting, grinding, and steam treating, ensuring quality and versatility in our product offerings.

Sri Lanka

Plant Lipids

In 2013, we established our presence in an Export Processing Zone near Colombo, signifying our commitment to international cooperation. Spanning four acres with 40,000 square feet of built-up space, this facility symbolizes our growth and sustainability efforts, powered by solar energy. Strategically located within Sri Lanka’s industrial district, it houses a cutting-edge extraction plant processing the region’s largest volume of Black Pepper daily. Here, we produce Essential Oils, Oleoresins, and value-added products from spices and herbs. Positioned for efficient exports via the Colombo Sea port and air cargo facility, we aim to introduce innovative products globally.

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