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At Plant Lipids, we relentlessly challenge ourselves in research and innovation. We aim to not only excel but also set new standards in quality, sustainability, and efficiency within the industry.

Our DSIR-approved R&D Centre boasts a team of over 50 scientists utilizing world-class laboratories, advanced instrumentation, and pilot-scale plants. This infrastructure enables us to conduct industry-leading research focused on natural bioactive ingredients. Our core expertise is in isolating and standardizing active principles from nature and validating the efficacy of new products through rigorous pre-clinical and clinical studies.

Since our inception, our innovation and R&D department has swiftly delivered patented technologies and products, along with an array of patent-pending products. These ground-breaking innovations have spurred collaborations with global leaders for whom we have provided comprehensive end-to-end development of customized natural ingredients tailored to their specific requirements.

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Revolutionizing Food Processing

Our commitment to innovation extends beyond the lab. We’re proud to introduce India’s largest Supercritical Extraction Facility, pioneering a new era of food processing at our Cochin facility. This state-of-the-art technology utilizes CO2 to extract valuable compounds, flavours, and aromas with unmatched precision and purity.


This breakthrough allows us to deliver exceptional quality and safety for our partners. Supercritical extraction eliminates the need for potentially harmful chemicals, while minimizing environmental impact.

Our innovative technology empowers food manufacturers and suppliers to elevate their business and meet the evolving demands of a sustainable future.

Experimental Farming

Creating the best-in-class products necessitates starting with the finest produce. However, in today’s agricultural landscape, where quality often takes a back seat, finding superior produce is crucial. Yet, it’s a tough task to identify such quality ingredients. 

Plant Lipids addresses this challenge by dedicating its time and resources to enhancing traditional farming methods. Our focus lies in maximizing the potential of botanicals, from seed sourcing to implementing controlled environments, employing organic-grade fertilizers, and agricultural techniques to boost crop yield and elevate the potency of active compounds.

Our commitment to experimental farming not only enhances our product quality but also contributes to the broader advancement of sustainable agricultural practices. Through these continuous research and innovations, we uphold our reputation as a leader in producing superior botanical extracts and ingredients, catering to the evolving needs of customers worldwide.

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