Nurturing green harmony for societal and environmental well-being

Plant Lipids has remained unwavering in its commitment to establishing new benchmarks for sustainable business practices and leading eco-friendly operations. Over four decades, we’ve dedicated our resources to harnessing nature’s bounty, using state-of-the-art technology to craft superior-quality natural ingredients.

Nurture 360

A Plant Lipids Community Initiative

Inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN, Nurture is a pioneering sustainable development initiative led by Plant Lipids, designed to advance and enhance the achievement of the company’s corporate, social, and environmental responsibility objectives.

This comprehensive initiative embraces three key dimensions – Environmental, Farming Community, and CSR, demonstrating our commitment to a multifaceted approach for positive impact.

In the agricultural heartland, Plant Lipids embarked on a transformative journey, sowing seeds of responsible farming. The Chilli Program, driven by Integrated Pest Management (IPM), combines ancient cultivation with cutting-edge techniques, ensuring eco-friendly practices and long-term sustainability.

Windmills in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, along with a solar power plant in Andhra Pradesh, capture nature’s rhythm for renewable energy, guiding our path to a greener future.
Beyond the fields, our outreach extends to underprivileged communities, offering tailored programs in education, healthcare, and awareness.

Environmental Sustainability

Pioneering Accountability, Greening Futures.

Embracing eco-friendly energy sources, we integrate solar, wind, and organic waste as primary energy in all manufacturing hubs. Simultaneously, we are reducing reliance on conventional energy and implementing water recycling methods like distillation and purification, earning recognition from the Kerala State Pollution Control Board with the ‘Excellence Award for Environment Protection’ for 11 consecutive years.’

13 GIGA watts

Wind Power Generation

2 GIGA watts

Solar Power Generation

21 Mn Litres

Rainwater harvesting

18268 MT

CO2 emission reduced through wind and solar power

10950 Kilo litres

water recycled & recharged

200 Kilograms

Styrofoam replaced with paper waste

18 MT

Sludge to Bio fuel conversion

15 MT

Plastic waste recycled

6 MT

Plastic usage reduction

*Annual figures for 2023-24

Farmer Community Initiatives​

Enabling communities, Nurturing bonds.

Over the years, we have nurtured robust partnerships with diverse communities of farmers and local suppliers, fostering mutually beneficial relationships. Their contribution to providing top-notch raw materials aligns seamlessly with our commitment to prioritizing product quality and meeting customer expectations. Throughout every production stage, from sowing to processing, we optimize processes to enhance productivity while minimizing environmental impact.

Farmer Empowerment

Our initiatives educate farmers on sustainability, address climate issues, adhere to pollution control standards, adopt technology for by-product neutralization, and actively produce renewable energy. Additionally, they benefit from expert training, coaching on pricing, crop planning, and others. Our close collaboration with vendors and IPM operators ensures standards in supply security, quality compliance, product traceability, and more, fostering sustainability and responsibility.

Uplifting Women in Manufacturing Hubs and Farms

Plant Lipids supports the engagement of women from underprivileged rural areas in our manufacturing hubs and farms. We provide opportunities for skill development, fostering empowerment and economic independence, aligning with our commitment to social and economic equity.

CSR Activities

Fostering Global Well-being and Community Harmony

Our CSR initiatives extend across the entire spectrum of stakeholder relationships, emphasizing collective well-being. CSR at Plant Lipids represents a holistic approach, integrating strategies and projects that go beyond business. It’s about creating shared value, fostering social and environmental welfare, and ensuring that our operations contribute to the common good.

It is the responsibility of the resourceful sections of the society to support and uplift the underprivileged. As an industry leader, we take pride in actively working towards bringing about both quantitative and qualitative improvements in the lives of those less fortunate. To champion quality education, Plant Lipids dedicates resources to reconstructing local schools in rural areas.

Plant Lipids reconstructed toilets at St. Gregorios Balagram in Yacharam, aiming to enhance students’ health and quality of life. The project includes renovations such as new walls, tiles, revamped water pipe connection, and complete re-electrification, aligning with our commitment to the Sanitation Program. Recognizing sanitation’s critical role in education, particularly for girls, Plant Lipids acknowledges proper facilities increase school attendance and retention. The project aims to mitigate challenges by empowering students with hygienic and sustainable sanitation services and fostering good practices within the community.

Our support extends to vital areas like infrastructure development for irrigation and clean water, nurturing small businesses for economic sustainability, and extending financial aid to those in need. One ongoing project focuses on uplifting tribal communities in Orissa, striving to eliminate challenges such as child labour, unsafe working conditions, and social discrimination that pose obstacles to their life prospects.

We have also contributed to the development of a sports complex for St. Peter’s School, Kolenchery, as part of our commitment to fostering community well-being through supporting educational and recreational initiatives.

We have actively participated in the construction of buildings for schools such as Kadayiruppu L.P. School and Pancode L.P. School, underscoring our dedication to environmental preservation.

During the pandemic, we provided computers to our staff members’ children, ensuring uninterrupted online education access. The Plant Lipids-Nanma CEEP initiative aims to level the educational playing field for students facing social and economic barriers. Through aptitude tests, teacher feedback, and interviews, we identify students with untapped potential. The CEEP program nurtures their abilities, refines their skills, and fosters essential values, cultivating confidence to thrive globally. To date, 30 students have been admitted, with 10 completing the journey as exemplary leaders, embodying Nanma’s spirit and shaping India’s future.

In December 2021, we proudly inaugurated PL NANMA MEDI BANK, marking a significant milestone in our CSR journey. This initiative is dedicated to healthcare and welfare, ensuring consistent delivery of crucial medicines before the 20th of each month. Additionally, we engage with selected patients monthly to assess their specific medical needs and personally deliver essential medicines to their doorsteps, emphasizing the importance of healthcare access.

We celebrated World Environment Day with our commitment to environmental sustainability. Across our units in Bangalore, Hubli, Khammam, and Hyderabad, employees came together to pledge eco-friendly habits and reduce plastic pollution. We planted saplings symbolizing our dedication to nurturing the natural environment and distributed them to extend our impact beyond the workplace. This joint effort showcased our collective commitment to building a greener world, inspiring positive change within our organization and communities. Our actions on World Environment Day exemplify our ongoing dedication to environmental stewardship, demonstrating the power of unity in creating a sustainable future.

We’ve organized a three-day Nanma CEEP camp focused on sustainable living practices. Inaugurated by ACP (L&O) Kochi city, Nandakumar, Dr. M.R. R Santhadevi, and Fr. Jose Sahrudaya, the camp featured sessions on responsible citizenship and sustainable habits led by various speakers. Activities included a theatre workshop on “Back to Nature” and an outreach program at the Children’s Science Park in Kalamassery. The camp aimed to promote sustainability and responsible citizenship, providing students with valuable learning experiences. The dedication of coordinators and volunteers ensured a smooth and enjoyable event, earning appreciation from students and parents.

We actively supported our community through a vaccination drive, food kit distribution, and COVID-19 care packages. Collaborating with local authorities, our community kitchens played a vital role in addressing pandemic challenges, offering not only nourishment but also a sense of unity and support.

During the devastating floods that struck Kerala in 2018, causing unprecedented damage, Plant Lipids collaborated with local administrations. We actively engaged in extensive relief activities within and around the three districts of Ernakulam, Thrissur, and Alappuzha, providing essential goods to the affected people during the floods.

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