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Our Wellness Ingredients excel in nutraceutical innovation, mastering bio-active ingredient extraction and formulation, adding global value in terms of both quality and sustainability.

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Powered by technology, driven by R&D and clinically supported.


World-class laboratories, scientists, and pre-clinical and clinical studies drive our research and development efforts for custom product requirements.

Research Facilities

With advanced research and scalable pilot production facilities, supported by a top-notch laboratory and a 50+ member R&D team, we guarantee superior quality and consistency in our products from design to delivery.

Innovating the future

With 10 approved patents and over 50 patents pending, our commitment to innovation is evident. Our portfolio reflects our dedication to advancing technology and shaping the future of our industry.

Collaborative Excellence

We pride ourselves on our strategic collaborations with esteemed Contract Research Organizations and Institutes, enhancing our research capabilities and fostering innovation through shared expertise and resources.

Our R&D

Our Wellness Ingredients division boasts a dedicated R&D team of over 50 professionals. Comprised of world-class, highly qualified staff, our team drives research initiatives and custom development projects forward with precision and expertise. Their collective knowledge and experience enable us to stay at the forefront of nutraceutical innovation, ensuring that our products meet the highest standards of quality and efficacy.


Our products are safe and certified

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Capturing the essence of our core values, we draw inspiration from the diverse stories that have unfolded at Plant Lipids since its founding. Each narrative reflects our commitment to goodness, integrity, and excellence, showcasing how these values have shaped our journey over the years.

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