Plant Lipids has always been extremely focused at pioneering new products that address key applications from time to time.

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Our advanced facilities, where cutting-edge technology and premier amenities redefine excellence

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Elevating standards with our globally recognized commitment to excellence and quality.

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The forefront of innovation with our groundbreaking technology and forward-thinking development strategies

Supercritical Fluid Extraction

Our industry-leading Supercritical Extraction Facility, the largest in India, boasts unmatched capabilities. This innovative technology utilizes CO2 at precise temperatures and pressures to unlock a wide range of valuable compounds, flavours, and aromas from various food sources. With facilities ranging from pilot-scale (5L) to large-scale (2700L), we can seamlessly integrate
with the customers’ production needs, ensuring consistent, high-purity extracts for even the most demanding applications.

Spinning Cone Column

Our high-capacity spinning cone columns unlock the flavour & aroma potential. This advanced technology surpasses traditional methods, operating at lower temperatures and faster processing times. This preserves the delicate complexities of the ingredients, maximizing inherent flavours and aromas. Precise separation allows for the creation of highly customized profiles that perfectly match the vision, from bold coffee notes to nuanced and distinct aromas. All achieved with minimal environmental impact.

Spray Drying

Our spray drying technology transforms liquid extracts into shelf-stable, versatile powders. This gentle process preserves the essence of the ingredients – from coffee and spices to essential oils – maximizing flavour, aroma, and longevity. Our facilities offer a range of capacities to perfectly suit the customers’ needs. Precise control ensures consistent, high-quality powders ideal for various applications in the food and fragrance industries.

Decaffeination Process

The decaffeination process caters to health-conscious consumers seeking beverages with reduced caffeine content. It utilizes supercritical fluid extraction, a solvent-free method that removes caffeine without compromising the flavour or aroma of the product. In this method, a gas is pressurized and heated to a specific point where it acts like both a liquid and a gas. This supercritical fluid selectively targets and extracts caffeine, leaving behind the beneficial compounds in the original material.

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