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Legacy From 1979

In 1979, Plant Lipids embarked on a visionary journey to redefine the spice industry. Our passion and dedication composed a symphony of innovative, cost-effective products and services that resonated across industries. Committed to personalised customer nurturing, our dynamic team, seasoned with extensive experience, adapts and evolves to meet unique requirements.

As our story unfolds, we continue tailoring services like characters in a plot, ensuring brilliance across diverse sectors. This captivating journey unfolds, bringing to life innovation, growth, and a legacy that stands the test of time with each turn of the page.

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A pioneer for over 4 decades delivering exceptional results.

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Serving customers in 85+ countries worldwide.

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Ingenuity powered by a team of passionate minds.


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Operational Excellence in India, Sri Lanka, and Germany.

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In our dedication to spice innovation, Plant Lipids has garnered prestigious awards, highlighting our commitment to quality and innovation. These accolades reinforce our mission to contribute to a happier and healthier world through the artistry of spices.

Plant Lipids' Sports Spectacle: Celebrating Athletic Excellence and Community Spirit

Celebrating sportsmanship and athletic excellence with thrilling events across different locations, the PL Hubli Factory Sports Event on January 29, 2024, saw 54 participants competing in cricket and volleyball. Marigold Mastermind and Ginger Stickers emerged as champions, highlighting not only athletic prowess but also community fellowship. In Bangalore, Season 01 of the Cricket Tournament on January 7, 2024, at Sinchara Cricket Ground saw Red Chilli Boys clinch victory, with individual brilliance being recognized. Meanwhile, in Kolenchery, Team United Purple triumphed in a tournament spanning from December 18, 2023, to February 12, 2024, showcasing talent, teamwork, and sportsmanship. These events not only showcased participants’ skills but also built community and camaraderie, with Plant Lipids fostering a love for sports and anticipation for future tournaments.

Milestones of Unity & Wellness: The Short Marathon Fun RunChallenge 2023

On December 10th, 2023, we hosted the ‘Short Marathon: The Fun Run Challenge 2023,’ uniting participants of all ages to celebrate human rights, unity, and wellness. The wellorganized event kicked off with a 4-kilometer run from Plant Lipids Condiments, promoting a shared commitment to well-being and unity. Participants, categorized into different age groups, enjoyed an energetic Zumba warm-up before donning specially provided attire, fostering a sense of togetherness. Winners were rewarded with cash prizes, highlighting their stamina and determination. The event concluded with refreshments, offering participants a chance to socialize and reflect on their achievement. The Fun Run Challenge successfully promoted a healthy lifestyle and community spirit at Plant Lipids.

Celebrating Unity, Triumph, and Traditions: Onam 2023 at Its Finest

During our recent Onam celebrations on August 25th, 2023, at our organization, our companionship and competition flourished, highlighting our unity and employee achievements. Festivities commenced with a spirited Tug of War competition from August 21st to 24th, culminating in the White Tuskers Team’s victorious triumph. On August 25th, our grand Onam celebration unfolded, featuring the captivating Flower Carpet Competition, where teams created stunning floral artworks. Cultural events commenced with traditional drumbeats, followed by a mesmerizing portrayal of Mahabali. Our CEO and Chairman conveyed heartfelt Onam wishes, and performances showcased our rich culture and talents, including Thiruvathira dance and group songs. Awards recognized excellence and teamwork, while celebrating Mr. Sanin Subhash’s selection to the Kerala Blasters Team. The day concluded with the joyous Onam Sadhya feast, uniting us in shared traditions and accomplishments, leaving a lasting impact on our organization’s spirit and ethos.

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