Legacy from 1979

Plant Lipids, renowned for its unwavering passion and commitment to deliver innovative, value-added products and services, has been shaping the spice industry since 1979.

Company Overview

In 1979, Plant Lipids embarked on a visionary journey to redefine the spice industry. Our passion and dedication composed a symphony of innovative products and services that resonated across industries. Committed to personalized customer nurturing, our dynamic team, seasoned with extensive experience, adapts and evolves to meet unique requirements.

As our story unfolds, we continue to tailor services with precision, ensuring brilliance across diverse sectors. We aim to sustain and grow a legacy that stands the test of time.

Our Leadership Team

Characterized by dynamic professionals with extensive experience and deep industry know-how, our leadership team holds a comprehensive understanding of various business applications while emphasizing the importance of sharing knowledge within the organization.

C.J. George


C.J. George, the visionary founder of Plant Lipids, has steered the company's success for four decades, embodying leadership and innovation as the dedicated Chairman since its inception in 1979.

John Nechupadom

Managing Director

John Nechupadom, the dynamic Managing Director of Plant Lipids, brings a wealth of expertise to guide the company towards innovation and sustainable success with strategic leadership and a commitment to excellence.

Manoj Marar

Chief Executive Officer

Cherian Xavier
Cherian Xavier

Chief Operating Officer

Anil Kumar Radhakrishnan

Chief Financial Officer

Thomas Daniel

Chief Procurement Officer

Decades of Excellence

Rooted in the lush landscapes of Kerala, Plant Lipids has grown from a pioneering company dealing with the distillation of spices in 1979 to become a global leader in spice extracts, essential oils, and natural food colours. Today, we are one of the largest global food and fragrance industry contributors.


Roots of Innovation

Starting in Kolenchery, Kerala, Plant Lipids' journey began in the world of natural extracts for the value-added spice industry. Distilling spices was the foundation upon which we built our company, becoming a leader in the ever-evolving landscape of flavours and fragrances.


Solvent Extraction commissioned

Responding to escalating western demand, Plant Lipids commissioned batch plants for solvent extraction, becoming a benchmark for quality in cocoa, vanilla, ginger, and pepper extracts. This marked a pivotal chapter, solidifying our commitment to quality and excellence.


Spreading Wings Beyond Kerala

Fueled by the rising global demand for Plant Lipids' high-colour paprika, the company initiated a 24x7 continuous plant and expanded its manufacturing footprint beyond Kerala with the strategic establishment of the first production hub in Bengaluru. This move strategically leveraged the abundance of high-colour paprika and locally sourced ingredients such as davana, reinforcing our global market position.


Third Manufacturing Hub Commencement

Capitalizing on the abundance of chilli in Guntur, Khammam, and Warangal regions in Andhra Pradesh, known for their high-pungent chillies, our third manufacturing hub with a capsicum facility emerged in Hyderabad.


Fragrance Venture

In our Fragrance & Essential Oils division, we have developed advanced capabilities for understanding and extracting aroma and essential oils from spices. We have expanded our processing capabilities to include Mediterranean herbs and natural raw materials sourced from over 16 countries.


Windmill Sustainability Initiative

From the outset, we prioritized sustainability, initiating the first windmill project in Tamil Nadu as part of our community development programme with Guntur's chilli farmers.


Hub for Ground Spices

Addressing the demand for high-quality 'whole/crushed/ground spices', we established a dedicated facility for producing grounded spices.


Chilli IPM Excellence

The chilli IPM initiative also ignited the launch of our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program for chilli, propelling us to become one of the world's largest IPM Chilli producers today.


Global Presence Initiated

To support the flourishing food ingredients ecosystem in the West, our first overseas office and warehouse came into existence in Dortmund, Germany. Subsequently relocated to Stuhr, this facility now boasts the capability to deliver bespoke product solutions for our European clientele.

Plant Lipids Thailand Office

Thai Spice Venture

Acknowledging the rising demand for high-value spice extracts from India in the Asian market, we ventured into another spice kingdom, Thailand. This strategic move positioned us to cater to the growing appetite for premium spice extracts in the region.


Nutraceutical Pioneer

Founded in Kochi, our research-oriented nutraceutical and wellness ingredients division specializes in scientifically tested natural products. Our product line, designed for wellness and good health, emphasizes functional benefits, with each product undergoing clinical testing for efficacy.


Spice Odyssey in Sri Lanka

We expanded our operations by incorporating black pepper extraction and nutmeg and cinnamon distillation in Sri Lanka, further enhancing our ingredient sourcing capabilities.


Nature's Hues in the UK

In line with the rising demand for natural colours, we expanded our services with an overseas sales office, blending unit, and R&D centre in the UK, specializing in natural colours.


Sustainable Solar Growth

We heightened our commitment to renewable energy by launching a solar project in Telangana, now supplying nearly 30% of our facility's power.


Marigold Extraction

Over 2000 acres of marigold is the source of our vibrant extracts, alongside a range of other spices and herbs. This commitment to diverse agriculture and eco-friendly practices ensures a colourful and responsible agricultural landscape.


Indonesian Venture

Setting our compass for an exciting venture, our Indonesian office opened doors to an expansive community of food enthusiasts in Asia.


Specialty Naturals Genesis

Our cutting-edge supercritical CO2 extraction plant elevated our position in the clean label category and energized our commitment to crafting exceptional products. This marked a significant leap forward in our journey towards serving and delighting diverse palates across continents.


Our 5th Manufacturing Hub

Our fifth manufacturing hub outside Kerala took root in Hubli for garlic oil distillation. In parallel, we expanded our green thumb efforts, cultivating high-yield garlic across 500 acres – a successful tale of traceability. This venture ensures complete traceability from the farmer’s fields to our state-of-the-art facility in Hubli for the aromatic journey of garlic oil.


USA Sales Office Unveiled

In pursuit of expanding our global presence, we strategically established a new sales office in the United States. This move was designed to bridge the geographical gap and bring our premium spices and flavours in closer proximity to our American customers.


Khammam Capsicum Plant

Founded in Khammam, our state-of-the-art capsicum extraction plant stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation in the spice industry. This strategic initiative allows us to harness the essence of capsicum with precision, ensuring that our products meet the highest standards.


Taste Innovation Hub Unveiled

Our craftsmanship in creating spice blends and seasonings has reached new heights, with the inauguration of a cutting-edge manufacturing facility in Kochi. This state-of-the-art establishment stands as a beacon of our commitment to setting industry standards, signifying our dedication to delivering delectable flavours to the global culinary landscape.


Chilli and Ginger Extraction Hub in Hubli

We expanded our footprint in the spice-rich region of Hubli, with a significant focus on cChilli and ginger extraction. Hubli became a hub for our extraction processes, ensuring the production of high-quality chilli and ginger extracts. This strategic move further strengthened our commitment to sustainable agriculture and responsible sourcing, enriching our product offerings and fostering economic growth and sustainable farming practices in the local landscape.


Research Centre in Kochi

The inauguration of the Research Centre in Kochi signifies our dedication to advancing innovation. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and led by a team of experts, the research centre plays a pivotal role in driving advancements in spice extraction, essential oils, wellness ingredients, and natural food colours. As a nutraceutical and wellness ingredients division specializing in scientifically tested natural products, we are committed to pioneering breakthroughs that contribute to a healthier future.


Stuhr Manufacturing Facility

With advanced technology and a dedicated team, our manufacturing plant in Stuhr, Germany, stands as a symbol of our commitment to delivering tailored product solutions for our European clientele. This facility has undergone a strategic shift, enhancing its capabilities to meet the specific needs and preferences of our customers in the European market.


New Fragrance Lab: Setting Industry Standards

The opening of our new lab and development centre for the fragrance division in Kochi marks a major milestone in our commitment to elevating standards within the fragrance industry. This cutting-edge facility reflects our dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction. With this centre, we are primed to drive creativity, research, and product development in the domain of fragrances.

Exploring New Frontiers

With a spirit of innovation, we venture into new horizons, pioneering progress through groundbreaking solutions and strategic partnerships, marking a transformative chapter in our journey toward sustainable success and positive impact.

Our Global Presence

Established as a truly global partner, Plant Lipids boasts a vast supply network covering 35+ countries. With 7 marketing offices in India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Germany, the UK, and the US, along with 14 strategically positioned manufacturing units in key regions including India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Germany, the UK, and the US, we are a prominent player in the spice and flavour industry. Our commitment to excellence is underscored by innovative R&D hubs in Kochi and the UK, driving continuous advancements in our products and services.

Factory & Corporate Office

City Office

Awards & Recognitions

In our dedication to spice innovation, Plant Lipids has garnered prestigious awards, highlighting our commitment to quality and innovation. These accolades reinforce our mission to contribute to a happier and healthier world through the artistry of spices.

Recognised in
Food & Drink Matters

We’re proud to be featured in ‘Food & Drink Matters,’ reflecting our commitment to excellence in food colouring and fragrance oils. This highlights our innovative spirit and quality focus.

Driving Innovation

At Plant Lipids, innovation is not just a goal; it’s our continuous commitment to excellence. Powered by our dedicated Research and Development (R&D) team, we thrive on creating solutions, providing market insights, and fostering collaborative excellence. With the help of state-of-the-art machinery and modern technology, the R&D team has proved to be invaluable in shaping our company through groundbreaking solutions. Our approach emphasizes sustainability, ensuring eco-friendly practices and a customer-centric focus.

Our Responsible Business

Plant Lipids is actively reducing dependence on non-renewable resources and amplifying its commitment to environmental sustainability.

Sustainable Sourcing & Farming

Plant Lipids is dedicated to cultivating sustainable practices and ethical sourcing. Our initiatives encompass waste reduction, ensuring responsible sourcing of raw materials with fair trade practices, and promoting transparency and accountability in our operations.

We actively engage with local communities, contributing to their well-being through philanthropy, social programs, and meaningful partnerships. Employee welfare is a top priority, with dedicated programs for wellness, professional development, and unique benefits.

In every stage of our journey, traceability serves as the golden thread, ensuring transparency and accountability in our commitment to sustainable and responsible practices.

Our commitment to quality and safety standards is unwavering, ensuring that our products meet stringent criteria. As we continue our journey, continuous improvement remains at the core of our sustainability, ethics, and social impact initiatives.

Latest News

We are actively involved in major events and cutting-edge research initiatives. Explore the latest developments, significant advancements, and key milestones in Plant Lipids’ journey.

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