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Plant Lipids’ range of seasonings provide an exciting variety to our customer with true value and customization. At Plant Lipids, we explore the latest flavour trends supported by in-depth analysis of the global and local market and consumer insights team. Our team comprising of Food scientists and chefs remodel these trends into a unique blend of aromatic spice blends, spice extracts, and flavouring solutions.

Our seasonings are structured formulations with a unique mix of natural spices and flavourings. We specialize in developing seasonings for a wide range of Food application such as snacks, noodles & pasta, soups, sauces & ketchup, marinades, processed meat , poultry, seafood, coating batter premix, breakfast mixes etc.

Some of the seasonings in the above category are Tangy tomato, Sour cream, and onion, cheese and jalapeno, Piri Piri marinade, hot and spicy marinade, Masala noodles, cheese noodles, tomato cheese pasta, tomato pasta, masala pasta, sriracha.

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