During our recent Onam celebrations on August 25th, 2023, at our organization, our companionship and competition flourished, highlighting our unity and employee achievements. Festivities commenced with a spirited Tug of War competition from August 21st to 24th, culminating in the White Tuskers Team’s victorious triumph. On August 25th, our grand Onam celebration unfolded, featuring the captivating Flower Carpet Competition, where teams created stunning floral artworks. Cultural events commenced with traditional drumbeats, followed by a mesmerizing portrayal of Mahabali. Our CEO and Chairman
conveyed heartfelt Onam wishes, and performances showcased our rich culture and talents, including Thiruvathira dance and group songs. Awards recognized excellence and teamwork, while celebrating Mr. Sanin Subhash’s selection to the Kerala Blasters Team. The day concluded with the joyous Onam Sadhya feast, uniting us in shared traditions and accomplishments, leaving a lasting impact on our organization’s spirit and ethos.

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