Plant Lipids is one of the largest producers of spice oils and extracts in the world.
Based in India, Plant Lipids manufactures and exports essential oils, spice oleoresins, natural food colours,
whole and ground sterilized spices to over 80 countries worldwide.
New Development
  • Novel Natural Colours, The safest alternative for harmful synthetic colors
  • Functional ingredients For the health and well being
  • Collaborative research, Solutions for your 
technical challenges
  • Supersols, Instant solubility and stability
  • Plant Lipids Lanka Limited , Plant Lipids Lanka Limited
  • CSR , Introduced sustainability
programs for multiple crops
  • 2013 Award for largest exporter of spice oils and oleoresins from India
  • Recognition by the state government for pollution control and effluent treatment
  • Caring for the environment means the award to us
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